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Since 2015, how to reduce the cost with high efficiency for a better market becomes a key issue for petroleum industry to meet the challenge of low oil price as the oil market demand is reducing and natural gas producing-marketing conflict is increasing. The whole industry is pondering how to occupy the low-cost and technology advantages to promote the core competence by reducing cost.
Challenge also brings opportunities. In order to......

Day One
(March 20)
General Assembly
1.Keynote Speech “Made in China 2025” Offers Material Guarantee for Energy Industry
2.Keynote Speech Advices to China’s Oil & Gas Development
Sesson I
1.Keynote Speech Current Situation, Challenge and Development Trend for Drilling Engineering of CNPC
2.Keynote Speech Study of High Performance Oil Based Drilling Fluid
Session II
1.Keynote Speech The Trend and Situation of Digital Oilfield
2.Keynote Speech Key Technology Research for Digital Oiefield
Day Two
(March 21)
Sesson I
1.Keynote Speech Drilling Design Technology of Preserving Reserves & Releasing Production
Session II
1.Keynote Speech Key Technology for Intelligent Oilfield Construction
Afternoon Visiting The 16th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe)
Note: The agenda will be updated according to speakers’ confirmation.
Expert Comments

Zhai Guangming

Literally shale gas will ascend to a high level, believe that we can do it, will be able to do it; the communication in the summit could raise the shale gas to be a new level.

-- Zhai Guangming, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Spot in First China Shale Gas Summit

Hu Wenrui

How to cut down the cost is very difficult, it exists system problem, mechanism, management issues, which is more important is to lower the cost through technology.

-- Hu Wenrui, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Spot in Sencond China Shale Gas Summit

Zhang Yongwei

Providing of decision-making information, depends on the participation of social force, which especially benefit in investment enterprise in the field of participation, to establish a atmosphere of shale gas development and reform.

-- Zhang Yongwei, Researcher of Development Research Center of the State Council, Spot in Third China Shale Gas Summit

Gao Deli

In the exploiting shale gas resources in the mountainous area in our country, in addition to use the foreign advanced technology and successful experience for reference, we should also adjust measures to local conditions, in view of the characteristics of the complex landform and ecologic environment of mountainous area, it is necessary to try the new pattern of complex well engineering for higher effective exploiting of extended reach well and cluster horizontal Wells, and actively carry out relevant research and field test.

-- Chinese Academy of Sciences, Gao De is conducive to the Fourth Forum site
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